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Toushirou's Christmas Woes
Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach. That privilege belongs to Tite Kubo. This is purely entertainment!
Toushirou Hitsugaya was stumped. It would be the first Christmas he would spend with someone he cared about that wasn’t Momo Hinamori or Rangiku Matsumoto. Momo was easy to buy for. Her gift was a simple yet intriguing photo frame with a picture of their Granny and them as children. He had discovered the picture whilst cleaning out his desk and knew Momo would love it. The photo frame had caught her attention some months ago and she had been mooning over it ever since. He did feel slightly guilty when she went back to buy it only to see it was gone, but he defended himself by thinking she would appreciate it more. Rangiku was slightly harder to buy for, knowing that just buying her sake wasn’t right. Everyone else would probably get it for her, he reasoned. In the end, he ended up buying her a chain to replace the one she lost in Hueco Mundo. The chain had be
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Evolving Friendships
Summary: As time passes, friendships change and evolve, changing the dynamics between the two. It had been a long time coming yet was a complete surprise.
Disclaimer: Bleach does not belong to me. This is a purely fictional story based on the characters and story created by Tite Kubo, to whom they do belong.
They had been friends for a long while now. Whenever she needed someone, he always seemed to be there waiting to catch her. He never judged her when she fell, only helped her back up from the ground. Their friendship was unique, indefinable by any means. They were just two people, finding company and solace in a world where it was hard to come across. Her friends thought Toushirou was weird and didn’t like him hanging around her. He thought Karin’s friends were selfish little brats and put up with them to keep her happy. He often had to disappear, his position as taichou not allowing him to spend as much time with her as he would like. She knew a
:iconlillix-vail:Lillix-Vail 23 17
Fury of the Fans. Bleach FF.
Fury of the Fans
Reader's POV
It was loud and chaotic for Squad 10 at the moment. Everyone was either tearing up or being obnoxious. The young captain of this overbearing squad was being resigned to a mission in the world of the living. Despite the fact that he didn't someone else commanding his squad for him he actually wanted to go. He kept this hidden from everyone well not exactly everyone his lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto knew of the young Kurosaki girl. Truthfully he grew fond of her even though he didn't know very long.
"Captain bet you're excited for your little trip, aren't you?"  Rangiku questioned cheerfully which only pestered her Captain. Currently Rangiku had her massive chest slightly placed on his head with her arms resting on his shoulders.
"Mastumoto off me at once" the captain practically shouted and returned his everyday scowl. Rangiku backed off her pissed boss and left him to sulk.  
This young captain is named Tōshirō Hitsugaya. Capta
:iconakesarenee:AkesaRenee 17 11
Fire and Ice- Chapter 10
     Yuzu carefully watched her sister and Hitsugaya for the rest of the evening. They acted quite intimate for acquaintances. That’s it, she decided, I’m talking to Karin-chan tonight, and I’m going to get some answers. She’s been hiding something from me. A sad frown crossed her face. I thought we were close.
     And so, after dinner, Yuzu watched the two of them head upstairs, and heard two different doors shut. Isshin had left to check on the patients in the clinic and would be back in an hour. Now’s my chance! Yuzu thought. I just need to hurry with the kitchen. She grabbed the dishes and hurriedly washed and dried them.
     “Lunch, oh, what about lunch?” she fretted. As she debated about making lunch that evening or doing it in the morning, she heard her bedroom door open and close, then her brother’s door open and shut. That clea
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